The Skin Horse

I've been wanting to post this link to this story for ages. Thanks to Tanith for prompting me to write it.

In the story, the Velveteen Rabbit, a new gift to a little boy,

was a nice new velveteen cuddly toy Rabbit. 

When the little boy left the room for dinner, all the toys came to life and were talking to each other,

but they all ignored the newcomer rabbit.

All but for the battered and dirty Skin Horse who welcomed the rabbit to the house.

The lesson of the Skin Horse to the rabbit was about how to become "Real"

Which was a hard lesson, because it dealt with the pain and sufferring of being loved by a little boy,

Which included rough play, leaving the toy outside overnight and loving it sometimes tightly.

Being "Real" is all about authenticity.

I suggest you click this link and read the story of  The Velveteen Rabbit

It might just help you in your journey of becoming "Real"

......and authentic.

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