Vulnere Viresco (continued)

 "Through my wound, I grow strong"

There is a place,

just Down the road from forgiveness,

...across the street from overwhelm,

through the grim and reddened traffic lights of despair,

and on the other side of trying to figure out why.....

When you reach this place,

you notice just how strong you've got,

as you stride across to the sunny side of the road.

Everything is different,

....and more like the same.

You have choices, never like before,

You have freedom, unimaginable,

You have joys that come so easily, they are a part of you,

Everything is different,

....and more like the same.

This is the new you,

...you just have to walk on,

Trusting in parts of yourself you've never known,

Walking on paths of unexpected beauty,

.....you have come home.

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