Peeling That Onion.

So you’re started peeling your onion
Lifted off the easy, the convenient and the expedient,
And every time a new shiny skin underneath,
A new reality and a way of being is revealed.

You’re peeling the onion,

And so much to comprehend,
So much more to compute,
You think you have found your final clarity,
But there’s another layer underneath,

When you’re peeling back the onion,

Every skin you shed & lightly throw away,
Sheds more light & reveals the way things really are
More room to move, more choices to make
And more of you to be.

When you’re peeling back the onion,

You start to see how things really are,
All that meaning  you have added,
The past influencing you from afar,
All that fear and pain and suffering,
Now have no reason to hang around.

When you’re peeling back your onion,

IT can happen slow, and it can happen fast,
Sometimes you have a flash in the space of a moment,
Sometimes it’s played out slowly over a long feeling week,
But then time doesn’t really matter,
When you think how long it’s been around.

When you’re peeling back your onion,

You can get so sad for the years lost,
In dealing upon false premises,
And the choices coming out of that.
But remember it’s only the few who peel their onion,
The rest remain in their chains,
This is a freedom not a burden
A key and not a jail

When you’re peeling back your onion,

It’s the work of your Being,
Taking back charge of you,
From the programs within your human,
Based on something other than now,
When you finally peel that onion,
Your hands will be full of possibility.

So keep on peeling your onion,

Even though it makes you cry,
Keep on peeling
It’s the right thing for you to do.
Keep on peeling that onion,
Freedom keeps beckoning to you.
Oh yeah, peeling your onion,
Is the Best thing you can do.

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