Winning Habits News from Halifax Canada

Chris Taylor, a Personal Business Coach from Winning Habits in Christchurch has been travelling through Canada for the last month, checking in on local businesses and taking in the sights.

His coaching insights (as usual!) have been awesome as well as what he has discovered about how they do business in Canada (more on that later when he gets around to writing it all up..).

One surprising historical fact he shared from Halifax (a city rich in history) was that in 1812 there was a full on war, that Canadians regarded as US expansionism between (both the French and English speakers in) Canada, Britain, and the Indian Nation with the US.

Never knew about this.

Preceding the Civil war by around 40 years, the War of 1812 is an
interesting point of view of American culture and politics.

For the first war the US ever embarked upon, It included some humiliating invasions of the US such as the "Burning of Washington.

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