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The passionate warrior, fighting for a better deal for Children, Parents and Early Childhood Educators; Rosalie Ardagh , from EXCEL in Christchurch was doing some deep reflection on her leadership style with me last year and we worked with an amazing book called "Lead Like Jesus"

Written by Ken Blanchard (who we all know) and Phil Hodges (who I don't know), this book was giving Rosalie a great template to develop her leadership style against.

You don't have to be a Christian to learn from Jesus.  I haven't read the book yet, but I've worked with Rosalie using the different qualities of Jesus's leadership style and I recognise a great resource for any organizational leader.

But in terms of any Christian Leader, I believe that this book is essential for any leader who professes to represent Jesus.  In a time of dwinding attendance at church, of the rise of fundamentalism in all religions (who could believe the Buddhists rampaging in Meikhtila, Burma?!!?), all posing threats to the survival of mainstream Christian faiths.

In fact, what seems to happen to leaders in such uncertain times, is that they revert to an "Authoritarian" model, where they create a "One Man Band" scenario and disempower their team, transforming passionate, committed people into nervous supporters, afraid of making a mistake and "Not Getting It Right".

This does not appear to be in Jesus's leadership tool box according to Ken and Phil.

So if you know a church leader who needs some support to leave the safety and ineffectiveness of an authoritarian model - send them this book.  They may not thank you, but they probably need this book.

If you go to the web link, you will find there's a plethora of resources and support with what looks like a thriving community of Christian leaders.

Good luck, Moving Forward.

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