The Mediation Model of Human Entropy in Conflict

There's a great visual in the Mediation Model.

It's a picture of a steep hill depictig a conflict's downhill progression.

It starts with "Something happens"

The leads to "Misunderstandings"

Which is followed by "Bad Feelings"

Then, "Payback", more "Bad Feelings" and more "Payback"

.....and at the bottom, "CRISIS"!

It appears to me that this is a description of the "Human Condition"

This is what will naturally happen between humans,

Whether in the playground, the board room or at the highest levels of Government.

This entropy appears to be a natural and normal thing to happen in Nature.

The Possibility of Meditation appears to created in the Being.

It's a possibility of "Win/Win", of a thoughtful and resourceful conversation between two parties in conflict.

It's a possibility that things can be worked out in a methodical and fair manner.

This is simply not a natural thing for a human to do, therefore it has to be learned.

Another great reason to integrate your Human with your Being.

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