Our Philosophy

Most people know they are Human beings.

A few people know that the Human and the Being are two separate entities.

The Human comes into this world, grows up in a family, within a community and lives according to what they learn from all around them.  Their agenda is to have as good a time as possible and live in as much comfort as possible.

The Being on the other hand, knows exactly why they have come to this planet.  All your brilliant ideas, your creativity, your values and your courage all live in your Being. In fact, your purpose lives within your Being.

At AddsValue, your Human and your Being are encouraged to talk and listen to each other.

You find yourself on the path of integration, balance and personal wisdom.

You are unleashing yourself to act powerfully with clarity and produce outstanding results.

This is our philosophy and this is how we roll.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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