How a Coach Helps You.

Coaching is all about layering support for you.  The following roles all work individually, but as a whole, they layer across your efforts, attitudes and actions to radically improve your effectiveness.

A Coach helps you find clarity
Most of us are in the trap of multi-tasking across multiple projects.  Our attention is in peripheral mode and we are diffuse and unfocused.  A coach helps you cut through your tangled thoughts and think clearly.  Clarity leads you to your power, your insights and your brilliant solutions.
A Coach helps you set goals and priorities
Having clear and well structured goals are the basis of good planning.  With these in place, your priorities become obvious. With priorities to help you manage yourself and goals to focus your attention upon, you improve your effectiveness substantially.
A Coach motivates and inspires you to take action
Every time you speak with your coach, you are talking about things that are of vital importance for yourself.  The coach motivates and inspires you by reminding you what motivates and inspires you. You work with and develop your own motivation and inspiration, making it a stronger part of yourself.
A Coach is a teacher
You learn in the hot pursuit of your inspiring goals.  You learn from your mistakes, you learn from your wins.  You learn from your losses.  You learn from the people all around you.  Coaching is one of the best learning strategies you can invest in.
A Coach challenges you to be your best
 Just having a coach challenges you to be your best.  Your coach will always stretch you beyond your comfort zone.  Your coach has many techniques to help you bring your best to the table.
A Coach holds you accountable
To your word, to your integrity, to what you say you want to do. Your coach won't tolerate you comprimising yourself.
A Coach provides support
Your coach will support your success.  Your coach will support you to face challenges.  Your coach will support you to move beyond your personal limitations.  Your coach will ever 'rescue' you, they will only ever support you.
A Coach reminds you to celebrate
Most of us are remiss in celebrating.  And celebration is such a important emotional state that you can use to support your future success. Your coach will always remind you to celebrate.

Imagine how having a coach would multiply your effectiveness, increase your fulfillment and balance out your life.

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