Guest Coach Louie Taouk talks about "Focus on one thing only"

Humility in a coach is essential.

Today I met Louie Taouk, a plumber who came to our home to fix a leak.  He is a soccer sports coach who demonstrated the qualities of humility, compassion and respect for the individual.

He was working with an apprentice and was giving the most respectful, patient and effective feedback I've heard from a tradesman to an apprentice.

He copped a acknowledgement from me for that and he proceeded to talk about the importance of not overwhelming people with your feedback.

"Just focus on one thing.  Don't confuse them.  
Don't make them feel bad.  Develop their confidence."

Yep - just keep them out of overwhelm.  Keep it simple.  Allow them time to master skills. Respect them.

It's such a easy mistake for a coach to make.....and when it happens, it's all about your ego getting in the way.

You get caught up in the thrill of the chase for results, a win, or a result......and you forget this one simple but important  maxim.

....and when you forget this, damage gets done to the person(s) you are coaching.

You might even be responsible for putting in place, yet another unproductive pattern in their life. 

- Just what nobody needs.

So thanks for this gem Louie - you are a great coach!

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