Coach Mentoring

What is it?
It's a weekly meeting with your mentor coach.  You track towards your measurable goals for your business and your skill level.  You discuss your case load.  You get valuable feedback upon your practice as a coach. You share your concerns. You ask questions. You develop strategies.  You talk shop. You immerse yourself in coaching "war stories", principles and philosophy. You get advice from someone who lives and breathes coaching every day of the week

What are the Benefits?
Having a coaching mentor helps you rapidly improve your skills and deepen your understanding of not only the coaching process, but also helps you build your business in the areas of marketing, client relationships and branding. 

You get to see around corners, anticipate challenges, have the benefit of experience and you operate within the reflected mastery of your mentor.

Who is this Service For?
This service is for coaches at all levels, who want to improve and deepen their coaching practice. It also adds significant value to professionals who want to deepen their coaching skills and understanding.

If you are someone who learns best from working one-on-one with a trainer/mentor, this is for you.  You'll get a lot from engaging in the unique process of transference of skills, knowledge and attitudes.
If you are into modelling people with expertise, then you will be modelling someone who has 25 years of experience and a special mastery in dealing with business, communication and personal performance issues.

You can apply for this service by phoning 00116439 979 577 with the understanding that there needs to be a good fit between the mentor and yourself.

What is the Structure of this Service?

Both you and your Mentor are bound by an agreement that creates a context of accountability, action and  results. 

You will have a weekly meeting with your Mentor.

In that meeting, you will review your progress against your goals. You will review your caseload.  You will discuss problems, theory, practice and coaching philosophy. You will be asking questions and receiving advice.

You are able to contact your mentor by phone for emergency mentoring while you are in the field.

All skill development will be assessed against the ICF coaching competencies as well as specialist competencies developed y AddsValue Coaching and Advancing businesses.

Ethical issues will be evaluated against the ICF Code of Ethics.

How much does this service cost?
We endeavour to keep it affordable for you and fix your fee at a  monthly rate of (Aus)$600.  Emergency phone mentoring will be charged at $1.70 a minute after the first five minutes.

Discuss this further with us, phone  00116439 979 577.

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