INTEGRITY: Lesson number 5: "Who's there?"

Taken from Hamlet, the first line of the play, Bernardo's famous opener.

It's a great question to ask yourself.

An old saying goes: "Plenty of lights on, but no-one's home"

Another one goes like: "Looking good, but going nowhere"

And in truth, maybe there is nowhere to go - especially if you live in who you really are.

Our integrity with who we really are, really takes us to a place beyond time, beyond fear and

beyond this physical realm, even though it transforms everything we touch in this world.

Our work, our relationships, our trips to the shops,

........even our conversations with taxi drivers.....

Steve Biddulph, author of his new book: "Raising Girls", tells a great story,

on an interview with the very astute Margaret Throsby - listen to it here.

 - He and his wife returned to an airport and got into a taxi drove off

......and started talking with the taxi driver

....who asked what Steve did.

When he realised what work it was he told Steve: "I'm having such trouble with my 14 year old girl."

Steve said they had an extraordinary conversation with the taxi driver,

Lives were changed in that cab.

They got out and waved goodbye to the cab driver and then realised

they hadn't taken their luggage out of the boot!

These are two great Beings, walking around in their humans,

Transforming everyone who touches their life.

Bet you have some great taxi ride stories too, you old transformer you!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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