Eskimos know 15 different types of snow...

....and they never eat the yellow snow.

Plumbers know more about water's flow that what I do,

Doctors know more qualities about the body than we would know.

But all expertise use a line of thinking to diagnose problems.

And there comes a point where a call is made about what is happening,

that is unseen and unknown.

It's all in the questioning and the distinctions we make.

However, our quality of trouble shooting is in direct proportion to the quality of our state of mind.

We spent an hour in hospital with our son with three registrar doctors giving three different treatments for the same situation.

Funny how the people under the most stress are the ones who have to make the decisions.

Often life changing situations.

A plumber came into our apartment complex to explore a leak problem in the subfloor.

He calmly went through his process and came up with a couple of possible causes for the problem.

I asked him about his process.

"I test and measure and then go through all the possible causes and run the processes back through my head..

Then the answer just usually comes to me."

Hey - this is off the record!  No names given.

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