A Dealer of Aphorisms

Last week,

I found myself sending out a number of "wise"quotes,

thinking that it would set my readers a-thinking.

It was only when I recieved a number of replies saying:

"I'm not sure what that means".....

Then I realised that an Aphorism was a predigested piece of

Insight, earnt by the hard work of thinking and experiencing transormation.

I also realised that by handing someone a piece of predigested wisdom,

that I was encouraging them to become lazy, or even worst,


I want people to think, but think about their own situation and find their own answers,

rather than to take from the wise sayings of others.

Aphorisms make you look clever, but as always,

Looking clever is the Booby Prize.

Better to do the hard work, find your insights in sorting out your own life,

and writing your summary in the form of an aphorism, just for your own reference.

I'd rather have my own aphorisms,

than to be able to quote volumes of other people's aphorisms:

their own hard work and pain.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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