You don't have to Pander

(Thanks to Seth Godin)

Seth defines pandering as:  
"using your perception of your customer's wishes as an excuse to do work you're not proud of."

And this is exactly not what you need to do as a coach.

What kind of coach are you?

Are you the sort of coach who allows a client's fixed ideas to bulldoze you into agreement or do you take charge and help them think through a range of options and consequences?

Are there some questions you just won't ask, because you are scared of what the answer is?

Are you confident enough as a coach to not care if your client dissagrees with you?

Are you confident enough as a coach to ask the  tough questions and give the brutal feedback?

Are you scared of your client's ability to handle reality?  Are you rescuing them? Are you scared to help them face reality?

If you pander to your clients, then you are not coaching them.

You are doing them a terrible disservice, but also you are undermining yourself in this process and doing yourself a disservice.

A lot of coaches burn out this way.

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