What kind of a coach am I?

Always good to define what you are about.

What's important to me about coaching is:

  • The story of the Human and the Being and to make distinctinos and generate insights that allow them to win the three legged race that they have come here to run.
  • To respect the amazing capacity people have to come up with brilliant and unique creative solutions to their problems and their challenges.
  • To trust my client's ability to pull rabbits out of hats, create miracles and surprise everyone, including themselves
  • To keep encouraging people to live on the edge of their comfort zones, looking down the road ahead through the windscreen of their lives, not navigating their lives through their rear vision mirrors.
  • To encourage people to find their own thoughts, their own solutions and their own models to deal with their challenges and their creations
  • To unleash the power of acknowledgement, the power of clarity, and the power of choice in people's lives
  • To have compassion always to everyone and to myself.
  • To listen to my healing Guide, my compassion Guide and my Business Guide
  • To learn and help others learn from their experiences and their projects
  • To listen carefully and ask high quality questions
  • To dance in the moment
  • To raise awareness
  • To get out of the way of my client's way
  • To support, not rescue
  • To always have the courage to tell the truth
  • To measure the key indicators and track progress
  • To be a catalyst
  • To maintain boundaries and uphold principles
  • To be aware of what hat I'm wearing and not to wear more than one hat at a time.
  • Hocus Focus.
This is what's important to me as a coach.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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