Understanding Talent

 Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, is author of The Coming Jobs War.

He states that "Talent is the key to innovation."

The way he sees it, talent is:
 "being able to do something significantly better than at least 10,000 other people".

He says: "You need to be at least one in 10,000 to have talent"

"If someone were to ask me how to survive in the new world, I'd say find your strengths, then your passion. That's your assignment. You'll be one in 10,000 with just that."

(Here's your link to the Clifton Strengths finder.  It will cost you the same as a couple of cups of coffee, will take you about 30 minutes to do the audit and it will give you your five top strengths and a report to help you develop them - Highly Recommended! - Mike.)

"Then find which single thing you can become arguably the best at in the world, some niche that you can own. Leaders want the workers in their constituency to be one in 10,000. But their best have to be one in a million."

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