What comes first? The right people on your team - or the Right Direction to head into?

 Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great" reckons that:

"Before a good company can take its performance to the next level and become truly great, it needs to have the right staff in place,"

He explains:

"Many companies think that a cunning strategy or great performance will attract the right applicants but that’s backward," Collins said. "People must come first."

“You can’t start off by asking which direction you’re headed in … First you figure out if you’ve got all the right people on the bus, then you figure out where to drive,” said the author of such business classics as “Good to Great” and “How the Mighty Fall.”

Collins argued that making a clear-eyed assessment of key staff within an organization is one of the “brutal facts” leaders need to be willing to address as they look to set their company on the right path. 

"Sometimes more people need to be brought on board — and sometimes a longtime traveling companion needs to step off the bus before it can move forward" he noted.

Collins encourages business owners to make “filling the bus” one of their goals for the coming year.

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