Intimacy and Connection are a daily choice.

It's a choice you have in your business...and your life - every day in so many ways.

You either have "polite" relationships,

where you hold people at arms length,

Where you don't let them see you,

and  you don't see anything of them past their role,

and the current transaction......


You can choose

to have "Into-me-see" in every transaction,

"Connection" with every person who comes your way,

you can let people know you and get to know the people

in your life and your business.

There's payofffs and costs to both choices.

You might feel exhausted just thinking about

what it could take for you to generate intimacy and connection 

with everyone in your life.

But this is precisely what some great leaders do.

Every interaction is an opportunity to connect.

and instead of being tired by this,

they are recharged, inspired and energised by this process.

(........and they have more fun than polite people)

So here's the challenge:

Spend a day connecting with and experieincing "Into-me-see" everyone who comes your way.

The person who serves you, the person you are doing business with,

the person who is your employee, the person who is your client,

The stranger who comes into your life, the person you share your life with.

Try it.  Take it for a spin. Just for a day.

Let me know what you learn.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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