The distinction between counseling and coaching

 Coaching is about asking questions to help the client's resourceful thinking

So is counselling, but the questions always lead you to a prescription from the counselor.

Coaching is about the coach helping the client to find their own solutions to SMART goals that live in the future

Counselling is often about resolving issues from the past that influence us in the now.

When a coaching client comes across an obstacle, the questions are focused on what the client can do to move past the obstacle.

When a counseling client comes across an obstacle, the questions are all about processing the client's  reaction to the obstacle.

The coach sees the client as being capable, resourceful and powerful in the moment.

The counselor often sees the client as being someone with a problem that needs to be solved.

 These are just a few distinctions.

But they are useful.

An old Zen saying states: 

"When standing, stand.

When sitting, sit.

Above all, do not wobble"

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