Support Vs Rescuer: Lesson number 9:

There are Certain Clues that help you see you are being a Rescuer:

  •  You think you are better than that person
  • You have analysed their motives and you can see where they are going wrong and you are going to put them right
  • You can see danger lurking around the corner and you start planning how you are going to save them from it
  • You feel like you know that person better than they know themselves
  • You describe that person as being "Clueless", "Incapable", you are exasperated at how they  just won't learn anything and how you just have to go in and put everything right.
  • You are overwhelmed by work, doing all the work that all the "Idiots" around you aren't capable of doing
  • You don't allow anyone to help you.
Hey - please let me know anymore clues you notice about being a Rescuer.  This is fun!

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