Being a Victim: Lesson 1:

When you are being a victim, it's a funny game you are unconsciously choosing that gives you the experience of being powerless, helpless and possibly victimised.

It's really useful to have a read of some Transactional Analysis that explains the role of victim, in relation to two other little games we can find ourselves playing: the Persecutor and the Rescuer.

In other words, you don't have to be stuck in the role of being a victim.  You can totally transform your circumstances by firstly becoming aware of what being a victim is, what the payoffs for playing the victim role and what the costs in your life of being a victim.

A recent post talked about Nelson Mandela, incarcerated in Robben Island for 22 years.

Instead of choosing to see himself as a victim, without possibilities or power, he chose to be a master of his own destiny, and in fact, the destiny of his country and people.

It can be done.  That's the good news.

You can understand the workings of this role.  That's the other good news.

The best news that Lesson Number one holds is that that you, by raising your awareness and  your understanding of "Victimhood", that you can indeed, transform everything around you and be freer and more powerful than you could have ever believed.

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