Support Vs Rescue: Lesson number two:

Why do we choose to either Support people or to Rescue them?

The archetypical Coach Analogy is:
Give someone a fish and you'll feed them for a day.
Show them how to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime.

We Support people because:
  • We want to see them succeed
  • We want them to create a result for themselves
  • We are encouraging them to be capable and take responsibility
  • We want them to own a skill or learn some knowledge for themselves
  • In that situation, we care about them more than ourselves
We Rescue people because:
  •  We want them to see how skillful we are.  That is more important to us than to have them succeed. In fact, we don't really want them to succeed.  For them to succeed, somehow diminishes our own success and it might even threaten our own prestige and competitive edge.
  • We want them to see how incapable, how inept and how clueless they are in being able to create a result for themselves.  This makes us feel important and indispensable. The only result we want to see is one that we create for them.  We take credit for it and make sure that important information to performing the result is missing or unobtainable.
  • We don't want people to be capable and responsible around us.  That threatens our position and our competitive expertise. We actively resist giving responsibility.  We never, ever acknowledge capability when demonstrated. We are indispensable and we love it that way.  Even if it locks us into an empty life of a workaholic or binds us to limited profitability and growth.  We think it's worth it.
  • We try and keep people around us with minimal skill, knowledge and responsibility as possible. We don't want people to be skillful and knowledgeable around us.
  • In this situation, we care more about ourselves than them. 

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