Support Vs Rescue: Lesson number six:

How you free yourself from Rescuing people.

 First step: Be Aware.

Admit what you are doing.

Get it out in the open.

Stop hiding the truth.

A coach's nightmare (It sure is mine!) is to stand up in a room full of coaching peers and say:

"Hi.  My name is Mike.  I love rescuing people.  I love taking the credit for achievements.  I love giving advice. I care only for myself and looking like a accomplished coach is the most important thing for me."

This revelation has the same effect as confession to a Catholic and an AA intro to an Alcoholic.

The truth always sets you free.

Especially when you have invested lots of time, attention and energy in hiding it from yourself and the world.


This is not about coaches - this is about you.  Sure, coach's have to be careful and know this distinction between being a supporter or a rescuer, because you can't coach if you are busy rescuing.

But you can be honest with yourself. 

If you can face that rescuing is a huge temptation for you, that you probably are already engaged in rescuing people for your own ends on a daily basis. 

If you can do this, if you can admit this, (preferably to another person - a committed listener) and you can accept this reality, then you will set yourself free from having to do this.

It takes courage to say out loud that the emperor has no clothes, that there's an elephant in the room and that you are not perfect.

When you pay that price, then the amazing results and experience of supporting someone is yours.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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