Support Vs Rescue: Lesson number 8:

 For the Rescuer, Results are not important:

When I was traveling around the Northern Territory in my younger days, I got a job working on building a road bridge.

There was lots of big machinery, lots of risks, lots of danger.

And all of us contractors were living on site, in caravans with air conditioners.

One hot day, we had just finished lunch and one of the guys called out the alarm.

One of the big mobile cranes, hand brake had failed and was rolling toward not only the bridge but also to the edge of the gorge.  If it hit the bridge and went over the edge, the damage would have been huge and very, very costly.

A pack of guys were running toward the cabin of the crane, each one of them wanting to be the hero.

They all wanted to be the hero so much, that they were pushing, shoving and throwing punches as they ran to get control of the crane. The crane rumbled on regardless of their struggle.

Finally, the one victorious hero jumped on and pulled the handbrake on just in the nick of time.

If these guys weren't so interested in achieving hero status and being top dog and glory hound, this process would have been done quickly and without all the drama and punches.....if the guys were concerned about the results.

My lesson?

Be wary of heroes and rescuers.

They can be very dangerous to be around.

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