On Renouncing Negative Thoughts

I was challenged by a reading to let go of my negative thoughts for a day.

Jealousy, fear, hatred, mistrust, bigotry, greed....

it was a fair list.

I thought it wouldn't be that hard.

However, after a day of that and during a meditation, I realised that 

most of my thoughts were negative.

I repeat, most of my thoughts are negative.

That was a surprise.

it also was a liberation.

It made me realise the precious nature of my meditation,

that I can go into a place of focus and be relatively free of my negative thoughts.

It's like a refuge,

like a nursery of positive thoughts and noble values.

I got that for every powerful, positive and affirmative thought,

I have about 100 negative, self critical and self limiting thoughts.

But in the face of this overwhelming data, I know that my positive thoughts are big boys - they can handle the odds.

I still have the sense of my Being's wonder and power.

I still have an inspiring vision for humanity.

The spirit is strong in this crazy world.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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