Dancing with your client - Position, Question and Listen

The dance begins when you position your client.

That is, you set the scene, you describe what you are going to talk about relation to what,

and you let them know how, specifically, you want them to answer the question,

then you let them know that you are about to ask them the question.

When you position someone properly, they know exactly what is going to happen.

No surprises.

Then, your next job is to ask the question.

Asking questions unleashes all manner of reactions in people.

Firstly, we have all been trained to: "Just answer the question"

by our mothers.

Not only that, our brain is like a computer - 

If you ask it a question, it will go away and sort out some answers.

And....your Being is also a great source of answers as well.

Your job as a coach, is to ask a question, then ask a higher quality question.

This helps the client to think things through clearly and rigorously. That's why you are there.

So once you have asked any question, your next job is to listen.

......very, very carefully.

.....taking notes is a very good idea.

When your client has answered your question, the next part of the dance is up to you.

You can either ask another question, to guide your client's thinking further down that track,

or, you can position them again, either to have another look,

from another direction than your previous positioning,

or to position them in a new subject area.

So the dance goes on - position, question, listen, question, listen, question, listen.....and position again.

Practice this and it will just be like a dance for you, flowing effortlessly.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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