How you know you are an Adult in your Business

(This post is especially for you if you are in a business with family members)

 It's all got to do with your relationship to your mother and father.

If you are still a child, a kid, an adolescent or just a late grower upperer,

you are doing either one or both of two things:

Trying to please your parents 


Trying to rebel against your parents.

Either activity ultimately has you reacting to your parents therefore you are unable to act from your authentic adult self.

An adult does neither.

An adult respects their parents for who and what they are.  

An adult respects themselves for who and what they are.

An adult is neither trying to please their parents or rebel from them.

An adult is merely someone who takes responsibility for themselves and their actions..

This has implications for anyone who is in business with their family (especially their parents!)

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