Zen in Your Processes

 There's an old Zen saying that goes like this:

"First there is a mountain. Then there is no mountain. Then there is"

This saying has always hinted at and described to me a process, an adventure that you take yourself on.  A journey of self discovery that opens your eyes, frees you from your constraints and dramatically improves the quality of your life.

Here's how I see it working in the coaching process:


First you see yourself without making any distinctions. 
You are unexamined, undistinguished and simply being you 
and your current level of constraints and freedom.    
Mountains are just mountains.

Then you make the distinctions and you start working with them.  
You start seeing things that were un-see-able before.  
You start having conversations with your disowned selves that
 result in understanding, forgiveness, love and completion. 
Mountains are not mountains.

Then suddenly, your distinctions collapse, your disowned selves 
integrate with your whole. New freedoms, powers and possibilities 
are now present and accessible. You are whole and complete again.....but with a difference only you can know.   
Mountains are mountains again.

  Illustration by Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D
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