Want a tool that can help you motivate Gen Y'ers?

Thanks to Talent smart for this great little tool.

If you are dealing with a Gen Y, research has shown that they have a polarity in their mindset.

At the selfish, self centred end of the continuum you have the "Trophy Kid"

And at the enthusiastic, ambitious, ready to listen and helpful end of the continuum is the "Growing Leader"

The great news about this is that the difference between each one is just a simple mindset shift. The Trophy Kid is just a thought away from being a Growing Leader!

So Talent Smart put this nifty chart together -

It allows you to identify both extremes of attitudes and gives you language and a context to move from one to another.

If you can identify the mindset of the trophy kid and the growing leader - then it's time to start working on creating the mindset shift - sounds easy doesn't it!

A great resource for Parents and employers!

if you want to access the whole article click here!

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