Are you Waiting to be Rescued?

Many years ago I was renovating a basement with a girlfriend.

There was heaps to clear out and we were doing everything.

The only power there was a power cord which, instead of having a female end on it, had a male end.

.....this was live.

I reached out and grabbed it and suddenly I was being electrocuted.

My chest felt like it was being hit with a sledgehammer, my body was thrashing all over the room - I couldn't let go. I yelled out for my girlfriend to help me.

She just burst into tears and did nothing.

.........then something happened.

I heard myself saying: "Oh well, here I go again - I have to rescue myself!"

I pulled the other end of the cord and dragged the male end of the cord out of my hand. My agony ended, I collapsed to the floor - and then got up to comfort my hysterical unhelpful girlfriend.

But when I heard that little voice saying that - I realised I was waiting for someone to rescue me.

I was putting my own life at risk - was willing to put my life at risk....just so someone would rescue me.

I saw my dirty little secret. I wanted to be rescued.

I knew I could take care of myself....but wanted someone else to do it.

Kind of like being a kid, waiting for someone else to wipe your backside.

That was a turning point for me. I took responsibility for my own well being after that close shave.

I nearly killed myself for a cheap thrill of someone rescuing me.

Are you waiting for someone to rescue you?

What are you putting at risk while you are waiting?

Is it really worth it?

Let me know.

Mike Kennedy,
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