Who I am something sacred, something bigger than what I could ever know.

I now accept and love myself through from being the infant, the child, the adolescent, the adult and who I will be in the future.

I accept and love all my successes and all of my failures, all of my mistakes and all the things I ever got right, I accept all the kindness I have given as well as all the careless acts of cruelty, I accept all of my brilliance as well as all of my playing small.  I accept my acts of courage as well as my reactions to my fears.  I accept my wisdom as well as my foolishness.

It's all part of my story, and my story is mine to live, not mine to make sense of.

My lowest of times gives me the experience and compassion to help a whole range of people going through tough times.  My own wanderings through the dark forest, gives me the skills to be of use to others through their dark and confused times.  All of is beyond my ability to make sense of.

All I can ever do is my best and continue striving to find the better within.

In my acceptance of me, I accept all that is within you.  I can see the greatness in you.  I can see the possibility in you of bringing out the best in you.

I know how tough it is, but I know you can do it.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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