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Mike E. Kennedy 
  • I'm a Australian / Kiwi personal business coach and trainer who has always been fascinated by the ability of business owners, entreprenuers and leaders to find innovative and amazing solutions to their problems and who trail blaze unique pathways to achieve their goals
  • I'm a professional listener for business and personal solutions that live unheard by you in your words.
  • A multiculturalist, who believes there's always an answer to our problems. That answer comes from leveraging our diversity.
  • I have an analytical mind and recognize patterns and systems in the human condition.  I guess that definition almost  makes me a psychologist, although I have no formal training in the field.
  • I'm a husband, a dad, a business owner, an entrepreneur.
  •  I coach, train and facilitate People who are on the edge of their comfort zones, racing ahead to achieve magnificent and inspiring goals
  • Integrity is my purpose - helping people find their own integrity, their own wholeness, while on the pathway to expressing my own integrity.
Rose Kennedy
  • I'm a Maori coach and trainer with a background as a sports coach and an executive assistant.
  • I help people establish wellness and organizational habits.
  • I'm a wife, a mother, a business owner and a keen netball supporter.

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