Living into your future

First of all, you need to create it.

Build it up from your desires,

Your hopes and your passions.

Word it like it's happening all ready now,

You feeling like you've already achieved it

That's what the gun goal setters do,

Build their sandcastles out of their dreams,

Then they move into them and live each day from their clouds.

That's how they talk about what's going to happen,

That's how they know,

They are living their futures now,

Not letting reality get in the way.

That's why its hard for those personalities

Who don't like taking risks,

And those who rely too much on facts,

to build an inspiring vision,

that flies them high above their fears and concerns

and takes them home to their future,

every day another step closer,

every day moving forward.

Delightful anticipation,

Driving you home.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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