What I want for you...

There’s a funny thing that’s happened to me in my blogging

Wanting to be clear, wanting to get the message through

Wanting you to read and get some grain of truth,

Some spark that opens up a door not yet even noticed,

Not clever, but brilliant,

Not technical, but something you can put to use,

Not mundane or ordinary or banal, but extraordinary, fantastic and inspiring.

Something you can use like a slogan to keep you on your way,

A light on your path, a tool in your hand, maybe a song in your heart…

A ray of hope, a moment of clarity, the missing piece in your puzzle….

That’s what I want for you, that’s why I listen so carefully when I coach,

That’s what I seek to remember, so I can type it out for you,

Capture the dancing moonbeam, so you can see what I see,

So you can feel the enlighten too.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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