The Top Players don't make the Best Coaches

Would you want one of these to be your coach?
That's what Rose told me today.

She's a sports coach (Netball) who is avidly following the brilliant show - The Voice  (Australia).

The four 'coaches' have been chosen for their fame and success on the stage, not for their coaching skills.

But in this reality game show, they are competing with each other with their abilities to coach and mentor the best out of their teams.  We shall see how they go with this. 

They are all giving lip service to how inspiring their teams are.  Let's see how true that is. Undoubtedly great performers on stage are mostly faking it.  Our beings can smell authenticity in our coaches and like a horse, won't drink the water you lead it to..

There are three international artists with big pulling power - it has been recently publicized that one judge, Delta was getting paid way less than the three big boys.

However, Rose informed me that it was Delta's team who gave the best performances.

We don't get to see the authentic process of the coaching on the screen.  We do however, get to see some excellent feedback from all of the coaches.

But how true is it, that if you are a star and you are in a position to coach someone to their best form, the first big obstacle is your own clinging to be the center of attention. 

Your own "Star" persona and sense of importance is the first thing for you to overcome.  You only become a "great coach" when you stop trying to be a great coach and start focusing on your "great client", seeing and being inspired by their greatness - becoming their greatest fan!.

Delta is the underdog and is simply working harder with the people she has been given. Her focus is on her team's greatness.

Watch closely as the stars learn how to be coaches!

What are you learning from this amazing show?

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