A miracle we saw on the street.

 There’s mercy and compassion in those street garbage tins.

The street guys doing their beat, 

walking past garbage tins, they stop, look down and pull out a treasure;

half eaten sandwiches, still in the wrapper, like a gift,

half drunken coffee, neatly propped up so it won’t spill, sometimes still even warm,

- there’s today’s paper, ready to be read or to be used to protect you from the cold,

...and they have all been put there by someone, carefully and purposely,

who is caring and thinking about that guy, helping him survive.

He’s down on his luck, looking for a break, most people just walk on by,

He’s someone who is looking in the garbage tin to help him get through another day....
Just goes to show, no matter how bad things get,

Mercy and compassion still manages to show up in unexpected places.

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