How to listen for the truth

Listening for the truth,

That's hidden from our sight,

Various agendas, working separately, cards held close to the chest,

A confusing mix of messages,

How do you tell, what's really so, when it's like

feeling around in the dark, half scared it's a setup,

with you as the fall guy - how do you find the truth...

....outside of your control?

There's a place where you know, a place that has the answer,

A place of wisdom, the place where it's clear

what's best for you, a part of you that sees around corners

and looks behind curtains obscuring what you need to know

Be still, be quiet, listen carefully now,

Look to your gut, go within, ask yourself what is really going on,

Then listen with your heart for that little voice within,

To reveal what's been concealed, what's hidden from your view.

Because bottom line, deep inside, you know what's the score.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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