What is a coaching conversation?

A coaching conversation is not the same as an everyday conversation.

My best coaching occurs when I disappear completely from my client’s point of view. They are simply conversing with themselves.

I endevour to create delivery situations where that happens easily and naturally.  In whatever situation I coach in, I strive to blend into the conversation and to fade away from my client’s attention. 

Phone coaching or Skype coaching are the closest approximation to me being a disembodied voice, engaging my client in a conversation, that becomes a conversation with themselves, not with me.

In coaching, they are the important one.  The centre of their attention needs to be themselves.  It’s a one way street.

In a coaching session, I take the position of an observer, a facilitator and a scribe, dancing in the periphery of my client’s attention.

My first role is to hear my client’s own brilliant projects, solutions, values, insights and aspirations, all of which would otherwise be unheard and unknown by my client.

My next role is to allow them to hear those extraordinary things and bring those things to bear to their projects, their actions, their strategies, their life and their relationships.

My next role is to help them focus on being in action in alignment with those extraordinary things.

Coaching sometimes appears to be bringing back the extraordinary to be used to enhance the ordinary day to day actions, experiences and results.

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