Happy Anzac day to all you heroes!

Wars are just another circumstance that brings out either the best...or the worst in us.

Here's a quote from a poem Rueben F. Scarf had on his son's dressing table:

"To my children:

Each day we live is the preparation for the future of our life. The acts we sow today from the harvests for tomorrow's reapings! What we reap today has been previously sown for us or by us. Little in life is accidental!

Be not deceived that youth has special licence to waste, to fornicate, to indulge. The law is clear - the law is changeless and also just - use what you have that is good on which to build your life. Thus every day will produce a succession of happy, productive tomorrows
Despair not for your future prospects in life, in love, in marriage. Your future is in your own hands. Daily you prepare yourself for the prize or the punishment that is to be yours - Industry goes not unrewarded - no self-indulgence unpunished.

Remember always:  

The prize and the price are usually equal. Don't deceive yourself that easy profits are the key to permanent success. Welcome adversity as a friend, an ally. For it polishes the metal of the strong and the wise. Also it erodes the will of the weak, the self-indulgent.

Above all: 

You are your best friend or you can be your worst enemy."

What are the values that got our ANZAC heroes through such adversities?

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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