Where does your magic come from?

 I heard a story about the virtuoso violinist Paganini who was preparing for the concert of his life.

All the people who would influence his future success were going to be there.  It was his chance to show off his awesome skill, his incredible sensitivity and his latest innovations on playing his instrument.   

There was a lot riding on this concert.

And so, after months of protracted practice upon his priceless Stradivarius violin, he turned up to the concert feeling prepared to play the concert of a lifetime.

Just before the curtain opening, he realised that he’d left his violin at home.  He was devastated – after all that practice, after a lifetime’s hard work – he was going to be ruined – he wouldn’t be able to weave the magic he knew he could to the audience he most wanted to impress.  

 His close friend encouraged him to find a violin and just go ahead with what he’d planned.

Alas, the show must go on and he borrowed a humble violin and went on stage prepared to do his best.

The show ended with thunderous applause – it really had been the concert of a lifetime.

His friend fought his way through the adoring fans backstage an d asked him what happened.

Paganini dropped his head and whispered into his ear:

“I discovered that the music was in me, not the instrument”

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