Plan from the Future Back

Planning from where you are has it’s limitations.

For a start, you are operating from your past and your present.

Your past being your fears and self-limiting thoughts.

Your present being wherever you are at on whatever emotional rollercoaster you find yourself on.

Both those states of mind limit your resourceful nature.  

It’s no wonder we experience “Writer’s Block” or our genius seems to be out to lunch.

That’s why it pays to access a state of mind where you have experienced the future and you bring it back to the now in all of it’s  glory, unaffected by limited thinking or emotional limitation.

How do you do that?

You write a vision.  

A compelling, inspiring vision, larger than life, full of emotions of achievement, celebration and success, as yet unexperienced by you in the present.

An engaging vision, written in present tense, that involves your senses, that fires up your emotions, that every time you read it, your pulse races, your blood rushes to your extremities and you discover your hunger for your greatness instead of your addiction to your smallness.

A vision that you read and enter your future while you are living your daily life.

A vision that keeps you going when push comes to shove where you would usually stop, a vision that feeds your courage, your brilliance and keeps you living outside of your comfort zone.

Create that vision, live in it, breathe it in - experience it….then plan backwards.

Ask yourself – what happened just before I achieved this?  What happened before that?

What would have to happen before that for this to happen?

Keep going until you reach the chair and the room you are sitting in.

Writing your plans like this, writing your throughts like this, painting your paintings, doing your work like this, unleashes your boldness, your big leaps, your courage and your determination – because you have seen the future…..and it works!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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