Transformation vs. Reinvention

I see transformation as the process where everything changes without you changing anything.  Oftentimes in our human experience, this occurs in the area of our perceptions of our reality.  New possibilities, new horizons and new focuses open up and our caterpillar nature spreads its wings into flying as a butterfly. 

And, just like the caterpillar, the result comes as an enormous surprise!  

It often happens as a result of a catalyst.  This is a chemical term that describes a substance that triggers off a chemical reaction.  In humanistic terms, a teacher, workshop, seminar, book, movie, animal, child or a life defining experience enters our lives and transforms us forever.

The psychological definition is spiritual transformation
Reinvention is different.  It’s a conscious process.  The Webster Dictionary defines it as: “to remake or redo again”.  Its about examining your current values, current thinking and current practices, putting them to one side and replacing them with new thinking, new values and new practices.

Business Transformation is a mixture of the two. See Wikipedia.

So where do I stand betwixt transformation and reinvention?

I see transformation as the result of a series of actions that fall loosely under the category of reinvention – restless minds like yours and mind are always seeking out workshops, new ideas, new books that challenge and stimulate us.  That in itself is probably a part of reinvention – adjusting the mindset.

Reinvention for me is the conscious and focused discipline of constantly improving myself.  It’s the trialling of new ideas, new actions, new disciplines, new thinking and new philosophies.

What’s your thoughts about this?

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