Another way of thinking that will set you free!

How often do we get stuck in seeing and thinking about things in the same old, same old way.

So easy for us to get stale, complacent and tunnel visioned about the world and life itself.

Many times in the past, I've explored the Aboriginal Dreamtime legends and stories through my white, Anglo Saxon, logical and linear thinking....and have never really understood what they were going on about. I have always been frustrated that I just "don't get it!" Don't you just hate that?

That's just changed tonight as I got a glimpse of insight from watching a Youtube posting.

Filmmaker Rachael Thornton of Thorny Vision has produced a short film about an Aboriginal artist and healer who comes to town.

Have a look at this - surrender yourself to seeing another way of thinking - see if you can get what this guy's paintings are about - set yourself free from the norm and the status quo!

You need to step out of the norm in order to redefine yourself, your work and your relationships to family, friends and the earth.

Stepping into someone else's reality is a catalyst to help you do this.

Thank you Rachael!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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Anonymous said...

MMMM yes, don't you just hate that, when you get frustrated and lash out?