Laughter - the Strong Person's Medicine!

Face it - if you haven't had a good laugh today, you are probably in Denial or Resistance!

You are probably taking yourself too seriously.

Take ten minutes out with this and try really hard not to laugh!

It's got all the taboo humor, the stuff your mum told you not to talk about at the table - religion, sex, politics...listen to stuff like that and it'll get you laughing.

You need it in your life, just so you can get those lovely endorphins running around your bloodstream.

A pilot in the states crash landed a 727, knowing he was going to die, but kept his head about him and saved 147 lives on the plane. The radio tape was fascinating. He was cracking jokes all the way down.

Humor helps you keep your focus.

Humor stops you taking things too seriously.

What can you do to start laughing more today?

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- that's it from me, Mike Kennedy,
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