Laughing makes you Strong!

Hey - this is about a service I offer, not many people know about.

It's free to you, it takes 5 minutes and it's been a technique that has helped a lot of people keep their sanity during tough times.

It's called "The Laughter Appointment"

Here's the deal:

We agree for you to make a call to me for five minutes.

You will say:"Hi Mike - it's me and I'm ready"

I'll say, "let's go then!"

Then.....we laugh together for five minutes.

We chortle, we giggle, we guffaw, we whoop, we cry, we snicker and snort for the five minutes.

No stopping.

When I announce that the five minutes are up.....we hang up.


Are you up for a "Laughter Appointment"?

You know you need one!

Let me know.

- that's it from me, Mike Kennedy,
Want to work with me? Email Mike...

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