Cash Flow is King!

Yes it is King and it's really neat to find it - especially when traditional sources of cash flow are drying up!

The most important thing for you to maintain while you are looking for your new sources of cash flow, is your quality of thinking.

Habitual, safe, conventional thinking will just lead you around the mulberry bush again and again.

The funny thing is that my clients who keep their quality of thinking high and separate from the challenges and the details of the every day cut and thrust - they all discover new innovative sources of cash flow.

There are Blue Oceans of cash flow out there - with no-one to compete with - you just need to discover them with your untapped genius.

There are Red Oceans full of people slugging it out, fighting for their share of the conventional, the norm and the rational.

Cash Flow: It's all about your thinking!

Mike Kennedy,
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