Hey! - Remember the Clock is Ticking!

Being faced with the death of my dear cousin Phil, I'm in the question of how to manage my remaining quantity of time in the best possible way. I need to be more urgent and deliberate!

Kevin Kelly has a really neat way to keep this top of your mind.

You work out your life expectancy and then you add it to your google homepage and you end up with a countdown clock to your calculated demise - a really motivating piece of information to keep in front of you - how many days you have left in your life!

I've just installed mine and right now I have 8,340 days left in my life to do amazing things with! I'd better get cracking!

This is how you do it:
  1. calculate your life expectancy using this chart. It's based on male and female life expectancy in the US - which should be around the same as NZ & Australia.
  2. Use the Date Duration Calculator to calculate how much time you have left on the calendar.
  3. Go to Google Countdown Clock to find the gadget to install in your homepage
Then every day, be reminded that the clock is ticking and it's imperative you get stuck into the important things in your day!

Mike Kennedy,
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