Thanks to Martha Beck for this polished gem:

"There is a zone in the mind as narrow and wobbly as a tightrope, but once you learn to walk it, life paradoxically becomes steadier, more grounded. I think that the stability of our lizard brains-which is always a fear-based illusion-- makes us reluctant to step on the rope. But that narrow line where love and detachment combine is a solid foundation for the soul.”

This is where my clients go in their coaching sessions - beyond fear, confusion and self doubt onto the rope of their Being.

What a great place to operate from!

Last night we watched a program about how cults manipulate and exploit people with mind control techniques. After a short while people coming into these intensive cultures stop thinking for themselves and adopt the thinking of the cult leader.

There were several examples of people trying to leave these environments and the challenges they found in reprogramming their minds and thinking for themselves. I have seen many examples of people trying to extricate themselves from these tight groups. Many of them were also facing harassment from the group.

The coaching process is the antithesis of the cult process.

In coaching you learn to listen to your own thinking, you learn to challenge the status quo and you learn to be confident with your own unique ability and strengths. You start living life on your own terms.

You start dancing on your being's rope.

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