Thank you!

This blog would never have come into this world if it wasn't for some amazing people who recognised that something creative and wonderful could happen if they supported and encouraged me.

Firstly Rose, my beautiful wife, has always told me she loves my writing - thank you Rose! You are my Rock!

Deb from David Robertson Decorators, a fantastic client who has a creative genius husband David also a fantastic client, who encouraged me and helped me set up the site and gave me all manner of hot tips - thank you Deb! ....and thanks also to your genius sister who is your technical brains trust!

Dwayne from SpinWeb, a true genius artist with a great and open heart, who has helped me with my visuals and who has with one simple stroke transformed my header into something I feel represents my work - thank you Dwayne!

Colleen from Beyond the Ordinary, a professional tea drinker who encourages people into their greatness and out of their smallness - thank you Col for your constant support and encouragement!

Seth Godin, for being the role model walking ahead on the Samurai Sword - thank you Seth!

And thank you for reading this! This really is for you - it only exists for you to take it and use it in your life - to make your life and the lives of those around you, clearer and better! Thank you!

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