Better Out than In!

When everything is
Out in the Open,
Down on the Table,
there’s nothing to
Do with it, nothing to Fix!

You see it as Your Process
In the roller coaster, locked in tight,
White knuckled when you buy the illusion,
Free and light from the helicopter, when you look down!

All you have to do is look, name and see!
So simple, so economical and it's free!
No straight jacketed mainstream health care system cure,
You will find drug free empowerment outside of that box
You get to stand tall & proud, even if you are standing in the gutter

Cause it's just how it is - just give it a name
And you will understand, it's just something twisted out of shape
Because you haven't been strong enough
To hold your bloodied baby in your arms
It just needs you to love it and to accept it for who it really is

So don't tell me how you need this or that,
I know you better than that,
Its better out than in you know,
All you gotta do is name it for what it is,
Face your fears and discover that paper tiger behind,
......the smoke and mirrors of your fear.

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